Darsonval Star CH-107

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Influencing the nerve peripheral endings, darsonval Zvezda CH-107 is suitable for the treatment of acne, coagulation of blood vessels, elimination of congestion, lymphostasis, infiltration on the skin during hair loss. Darsonvalization procedures lower blood pressure, normalize vascular tone, reduce headaches, fatigue, improve sleep, slow down blood clotting. , baldness, weak hair follicles, dandruff; - bronchitis, tracheitis, sinusitis, diseases of the nose and throat; - mimic wrinkles, pale and flabby skin; - elimination of postoperative sutures, skin rehabilitation after plastic surgery; - facial massage for aging skin; - varicose "asterisks"; - back pain with osteochondrosis, neuralgia; - cellulite; - hemorrhoids, trophic ulcers, long-term non-healing wounds and bruises; - stage 1 and 2 periodontal disease; - chronic gingivitis; - vasomotor rhinitis; - migraine; - Raynaud's disease 1 and 2 stages. Complete set: - apparatus for darsonvalization Darsonval Star CH-107; - electrode drop; - electrode fungus; - electrode petal; - electrode comb; - electrode arc; - electrode spiral; - electrode roller; ;- operation manual;- warranty card;- commodity and cash receipts. OOO "Company CHIOS" (Russia-China) Warranty: 1 year
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