What is an irrigator and what is it for


What is an irrigator and what is it for? Stationary irrigators, portable irrigators, nozzles for irrigators, balms for the prevention of complex diseases of the oral cavity.

IrrigatorThe irrigator is a medical device for effectively cleaning hard-to-reach areas of the mouth at home.
If you want your smile to shine, you need to pay special attention to oral hygiene. However, not everyone knows how to do it properly.

A toothbrush is the primary means of oral hygiene. But it does not always allow you to properly clean contact surfaces of teeth, gums, braces and orthopedic constructions (crowns, bridges, prostheses) from food residue. The best option is to use an irrigator. These devices allow for a comprehensive cleaning of the entire mouth: pulsating water jet irrigator penetrates into areas inaccessible to the toothbrush, and the mode "spray" allows a pleasant and beneficial massage of the gums.

While diligently cleaning tooth enamel, many people ignore the interdental space and gum pockets that form due to the fact that the epithelium adjoins the tooth tissues at an angle, forming a shallow crease. But even the smallest food debris in the gingival pockets and interdental space becomes a breeding ground for pathogens. As a result, over time, tartar is formed, inflamed gums.

Irrigators portableIrrigators are a comfortable solution to many of the problems that can occur in your mouth! Periodontal disease, a complex of tissues that make up the supporting apparatus of the tooth, has been quite widespread recently. A thorough daily oral hygiene routine with an irrigator is the easiest way to prevent diseases such as: periodontitis (inflammation of the periodontal tissues), gingivitis (gum inflammation) or periodontal disease (periodontal dystrophy).

Irrigators are divided into fixed irrigators and portable irrigators.
Stationary irrigators are larger, more powerful and do not have an autonomous power supply.
Portable irrigators are compact and battery-operated.
AquaJet LD-A7
AquaJet LD-A7 stationary irrigator is one of the most popular irrigators in our online store.
It is manufactured by Little Doctor (Little Doctor International (S) Pte. Ltd.)

AquaJet LD-A7 irrigator provides access to a powerful pulsating stream of water or solution to any area of the mouth, massaging the gums, preventing bleeding.


B.Well WI-912 Irrigator
Irrigator B.Well WI-912With popular models of portable irrigators include Irrigator B.Well WI-912

Lightweight and compact B.Well irrigator has the power comparable to the best stationary models.
It has 3 operating modes for effective teeth cleaning and gum care. The circular rotation of the nozzle and the even flow of fluid make the WI-912 especially easy to use.

5 nozzles are included with the irrigator


For those who face the problem of bad breath (halitosis), we can advise a very effective solution - the irrigator.

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