Types of Omron inhalers


Modern medical equipment helps effectively treat many illnesses, including those related to the respiratory system.

Nebulizers (inhalers) convert liquid medication into an aerosol of a specific particle size. This allows you to obtain a pronounced therapeutic effect and take therapeutic procedures not only in a medical facility, but also at home.

Japanese company Omron offers customers a wide range of nebulizers of different types for professional and home use. All devices are certified for compliance with the requirements of the European standard EN 13544-1.

Types of Omron nebulizers:

Compressor - devices of universal use, suitable for inhalations in medical institutions and at home. Compatible with a variety of medications, easy to use, economical, the best option for home and family;
Ultrasonic - more complex devices for professional use, used mainly in hospitals. Requires the supervision of trained personnel, compatible with different types of medications;
Mesh nebulizers - compact pocket-sized devices, working on a special VMT technology. Spray any medication (including hormones and antibiotics) into the smallest particles. Comfortable, lightweight (the smallest device Omron U-22 weighs 97 g), optimal for transportation. Allows you to take the treatment in prone or reclined position, optimal for small children.
Using nebulizer, you can independently, without the intervention of a doctor to take inhalation of drugs at home, on vacation, on the road or at work.

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